The supply of Mahindra Jeeps

the supply of Mahindra Jeeps

Chamanlal Kamani One behind the Anglo Leasing Scandal had been given a contract to supply Mahindra Jeeps under the company name Kamsons Motors. Kamsons Motors was also involved in the Supply of boilers to Prisons department scandal. Kampsons was to supply Mahindra Jeeps to the Police Department in the mid 1990s. The tender was estimated to be close to Sh1 million for every Jeep Supplied. At that time however, the showrooms would have charged customers a sixth of the price in the tender. Moreover, the vehicles were being bought for a government department and for this fact, they were imported duty-free. It is estimated that more than 1,000 units were supplied over a period of several years but only a few of them are in service today. Kamani was also involved in the Deal to Build a CID Forensic Laboratory

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