Nexus Secret Military Communication centre, Karen

Nexus, a secret military communication centre in Karen

Another scandal involved the construction of Nexus, a secret military communication centre in Karen. A total sum of Sh2.6 billion was spent towards the construction of the complex. Three years after the project had been commisioned, the military personnel had not moved into the centre.

A phantom company, Nedermar BV Technologies, based in Netherlands, implemented the secret project situated along Karen South Road. This company, Nedermar is linked to businessman Anura Pereira, the same person involved in the Euromarine Navy Ship Deal. However, Pereira denied being involved in this deal. The tendering process for the secret military project was circumvented at DoD’s Departmental Tender Committee. The project was funded through the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

The inistial purpose for the Nexus secret millitary site was to serve as an ammunition dumpsite before it was turned into a military communication and operations centre. Construction continued without any site visits by either the DoD staff or Ministry of Public Works officials. The Nexus project was implemented during the tenure of General Joseph Kibwana.

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